Library Media Center Guidelines for Students

  • Students must have a pass from a classroom teacher to come to the Media Center during class or study halls. Students may come to the library during lunch without a pass, but must stay until the end of the period. Students may use the library before or after school anytime.
  • When arriving in the Information Center, students need to sign in and give their passes to the welcome desk. Students will also have to sign out (after having a pass signed by the information specialists) if leaving the Information Center to use the restroom or go back to class.
  • In order to use the Information Center computers, students must have a computer network access agreement on file with the school.
  • Students who choose to go to an inappropriate site when using library computers will lose all computer privileges for a length of time determined by the Information Center staff. The student may also be disciplined according to district policy for violation of his/her computer network access agreement.
  • Students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner in the Information Center. When a student makes the choice to misbehave, he/she will be removed from the library and lose all library/computer lab privileges for a length of time determined by the library staff.
  • Students are expected to throw away any trash and be respectful of the space.
  • All students must remain seated until the bell rings. Students must then exit one at a time through the security gate. If the alarm sounds, the student must stop to speak with one of the library staff.